An unexpected friendship: Sam Heughan and Tom Ellis star in bromance of the year

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Outlander and Lucifer They are two series that, at first glance, have nothing in common. There is no plot, characters or, even, time, that can unite them, but even so, there is something that does it and they are the protagonists: Sam Heughan, interpreter of Jamie Fraser in the first and Tom Ellis, interpreter of Lucifer in, as the name implies, the second.

It is that, as strange as it may seem, these two series that are so successful on Netflix have stars who have known each other for a long time. This is because Sam Heughan Y Tom Ellis Not only were they both born in the UK, but they also studied together at the Royal Conservatory of Scotland, also known as the Royal Academy of Music and Drama, which led them to share several years.

Sam Heughan and Tom Ellis are great friends. Photos: (Getty)

Of course, the truth is that, although they have known each other for a long time and consider themselves “colleagues“They had not seen each other for almost a decade and it was the world of series that brought them back together. Although, this sounds logical since one spends half the year filming in Scotland, while the other is installed in Los Angeles, a city that he travels starring Lucifer.

However, now, the protagonist of Outlander is on vacation, prior to filming the seventh season, while that of Lucifer finished the recordings of what will be the sixth and last edition. That is why, Ideas began to emerge to share time together again, especially while working.

It was Ellis who pitched to Heughan her intention to work with him with Outlander: the musical. Although, also, the British interpreter also made it clear that he would have liked to participate in the series based on the books by Diana Gabaldón since he made the casting for the role of Black Jack Randall. “I’m not sure how I would have felt having you on the show“Replied the interpreter Jamie Fraser.

So much so that, despite the fact that no work has yet been completed between Sam Heughan Y Tom Ellis, it is likely that their friendship will reunite them on the small screen or, why not, on stage. Of course, there is no doubt that this relationship has already become the bromance of the year.


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