Ana María Polo, how much she earned for driving “Case closed” at its best

Ana María Polo, is known worldwide as “Dr. Polo”, famous for having been the host of the program “Case Closed” for many years, which became one of the favorites of the television audience. In this space, the lawyer gave the final verdict of the cases or complaints brought by her panelists.

Case closed”Was broadcast on the chain Telemundo for Latin American countries and also for the United States.

The theme of the program quickly captured the attention of viewers because many people with problems or complaints came for professional help and no one better than Dr. Polo to evaluate the case, collect the testimonies of the parties involved and make a final decision.

The program “Case closed”Was broadcast until the end of 2019; However, in other countries it can still be seen and continues to be one of the most viewed in Latin America.

Due to the great work I was doing Dr. Polo In front of her panelists, in addition to the decision she made and the great rating her programs obtained, one of the questions that many people ask themselves is how much did they pay the lawyer to host their programs?

Many were the sources that disclosed the salary that the lawyer was also earning. This is an annual salary of approximately 6 million dollars that received the .

If we speak of Mexican pesos, it can be deduced that they were approximately 10 million pesos per month and around 120 million pesos per year.

There is no exact year of when Dr. Polo received this amount of money, but what was reported was that this occurred when the program had the greatest boom and was one of the most watched in various countries, according to .

Ana María Polo before he conducted a program called “Couples Room” which over time would be called “Case closed”And through which it has become well known in various countries, winning the affection of thousands of people.

Some of the characteristics of Dr. Polo It was his particular style of conducting the program, as well as his strong statements and his way of judging the participants, giving a personal stamp to “Case closed”.

Currently, she shares part of her time with her followers on social networks (Instagram) where she publishes photographs of the activities she does or the places she visits.

Many people wonder if the Dr. Polo He studied law to be able to host the program “Case Closed”, but the answer was released to the delight of his thousands of followers and fans.

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