Ana María Polo: the time the doctor kissed Catherine Siachoque

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Ana María Polo: the time the doctor kissed Catherine Siachoque

The lawyer Ana María Polo, former host of the program “Caso Cerrado”, is remembered for having presented, throughout her television career, different cases of people who have attracted the attention of the television audience. He has also been a participant in some controversial moments that have been widely commented on on social networks.

The program “Case closed” He is remembered for presenting different cases where the final decision was made by the also lawyer Ana María Polo, who in his capacity as judge had to take a final verdict after hearing the discharges of the two parties.

Polo has always been characterized for being a direct, serious woman and for not marrying anyone at the time of making a decision in each of the cases and complaints that came to the program that she led.

But very apart from her professional side, her personal life has also been of great interest to people who followed her program or who admired the lawyer. Anecdotal or controversial events have not been unrelated to her.

One of these episodes was the one that the doctor herself Ana María Polo He recalled on social networks by posting a video which was recorded the day she kissed the actress on the mouth Catherine siachoque, very famous for participating in the soap opera “Without breasts, there is no paradise”.

That moment generated a great controversy, at that time, among users of social networks and who are the fans of Dr. Polo.

This video was shared on the official Instagram of the former television host where she also takes the opportunity to post photos of her different activities.

It was 2018 when the awards were given Latin Billboard and it was there that the actress met the lawyer. According to the People en Español review, the two took the stage to present the award for Latin Rhythm Song of the Year.

Polo began by saying “Good night Miami ” Y Siachoque he corrects him by mentioning that they are in Las Vegas. Given this, the former host of Case closed did not remain silent pointing “What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas”.

He then chose to kiss the Colombian actress on the mouth, who, far from refusing, returned the gesture to Polo.

The actress Catherine siachoque is famous for having been part of different soap operas. In addition, he won international success after starring in the Colombian production “Las Juanas” and participated in the awards ceremony Latin Billboard in 2018. Her husband is Miguel Varoni actor who rose to fame playing “Peter the scaly”.

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