Ana María Polo: this is what the host of “Caso Cerrado” looked like when she was young

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Ana María Polo She is remembered for having hosted the program “Caso Cerrado” that was broadcast on Telemundo for many years and which became one of the favorites in the United States and in Latin American countries. The one also known as “Dr. Polo” was in charge of making a decision regarding the cases and complaints with which her different panelists arrived.

It was in 2019 when the last program of “Case closed“Under the leadership of the”Dr. Polo”After several seasons. Despite this, the program can still be seen in several Latin American countries today.

The “Dr. Polo”Became one of the most beloved characters by the public. She evaluated, analyzed and made a final decision on the problems that plagued people who came to her program for legal help.

After several years away from cameras and recording sets, Ana María Polo, continues to be a favorite character of thousands of people. Precisely, on social networks they also remember her with great affection and her photos are valuable material for her fans.

Some photographs of the lawyer went viral on social networks Ana María Polo when she was enjoying her youthful years and before hosting the show that brought her to fame: “Case closed”.

Through the social network of TikTok a user viralized the photos of the “Dr. Polo“And they have quickly had millions of views because fans and different users have been astonished to see how the host of”Case closed”.

In the snapshots you could see a Ana María Polo with a pompadour and shorter hair. That was the look that characterized the lawyer during her younger years.

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With the title “Doctor Polo as a young man”The publication has also received more than 300 thousand likes.

But these were not the only photographs that were released of the lawyer and host of “Case closed”, Then, the own Ana María Polo He used his Instagram account to post another photo when he looked young.

In the photo she appears in an evening dress next to her friends. The publication is Hashtag “TBT”.

With my classmates from the Academia del Perpetuo Socorro in Puerto Rico. Thinking of all the kids who couldn’t have their prom at the end of this school year”, Reads the message that accompanies the photograph.

As reported , the image generated some doubts among netizens because some believed that the woman in the pink dress was the “Dr. Polo”.

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