“Ana Obregón Reveals Newborn is Actually Her Granddaughter, Not Daughter”

Ana Obregón’s recent photos holding a baby girl led many to believe that she had become a mother at the age of 68 through surrogacy. However, the actress has cleared the air and confirmed that the newborn is, in fact, her granddaughter, Ana Sandra. The little girl is the daughter of Ana’s late son, Álex Lequio, who passed away in 2020.

Ana revealed in an interview with HELLO! Spain that fulfilling her son’s last wish was the reason behind welcoming the baby into her life. She also shared that fulfilling his wishes of publishing a book and opening a foundation was the least she could do after his passing.

The host and actress faced criticism after the photos went viral, but she revealed that this was all planned way before that. Ana had gone through several unsuccessful attempts before welcoming Ana Sandra.

In the interview, the actress also shared that her son always wanted a large family, and she doesn’t rule out the possibility that Ana Sandra may not be her only grandchild. She further added that holding the little girl in her arms feels like connecting with her son, who she loves more than anything in the world.

The news of Ana’s grandchild brought immense joy to her life, and she expressed that it has given her the reason to live and move forward. The pain of losing her son is irreparable, and having Ana Sandra in her arms is like being connected to Álex, her greatest love.

In conclusion, Ana Obregón clarifies the truth behind the photos of her with a baby in her arms. The little girl is not her daughter but her granddaughter, and Ana has fulfilled her son’s last wishes by welcoming Ana Sandra into her life. The actress shared that the baby girl has given her the motivation to move forward, and holding her feels like being connected to her son.

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