Ana Obregón reveals the biological parents of her baby

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Ana Obregón, a Spanish television presenter, has become a mother at 68 years of age through a surrogate mother. The news was announced by the magazine ¡Hola! on March 29, and since then, it has sparked controversy and debate in various media outlets and social networks.

The baby girl, named Ana, was born on March 20 at Memorial Regional Hospital in Miami, and according to the “Mamarazzis” podcast, Ana Obregón arrived in the city on March 16 to receive the baby in her arms. However, Ana Obregón’s decision to have a child at her age, the way in which she had the baby, and her mental health have caused controversy in Spain.

Ana Obregón has openly talked about the mental health struggles she faced after losing her only son, Aless Lequio, to cancer in 2020, and then losing her own parents. Her decision to have a child at her age has led to discussions about whether it was appropriate or whether it could affect her ability to care for the baby in the long run.

Another question that has arisen is about the biological parents of the baby. While there are several hypotheses on this matter, the only thing confirmed is that the fertilized egg did not belong to Ana Obregón. According to the ex-husband of the Spanish presenter, Alessandro Lequio, in “The Ana Rosa Program,” the woman who lent her womb is not the one who donated the egg. Additionally, he made it clear that neither the woman who gave birth to the baby nor Ana Obregón are the biological mothers.

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On the other hand, there have been speculations about the sperm donor. One theory, which has been circulating on social networks and media, suggests that Aless Lequio froze his sperm before starting his chemotherapy treatment. If this is true, then the son of the presenter would have had to leave powers for his mother to use them, which seems to have happened.

It is worth noting that while surrogacy is legal in the United States, speculation has arisen on whether it is legal in Spain. According to El Periódico, surrogacy is legal in Spain under certain conditions.

Overall, Ana Obregón’s decision to become a mother at 68 years old and through a surrogate mother has sparked controversy and debate in Spain. While there are different opinions on the matter, what matters most now is the welfare of the baby girl, Ana, and the support that Ana Obregón and her family need during this time.

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