“Ana Obregon Shares Adorable New Images of Daughter Ana Sandra on her Two-Month Milestone”

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Ana Obregón Celebrates Daughter’s Two-Month Birthday

Ana Obregón, a popular Spanish actress, is celebrating her daughter Anita’s two-month birthday. The birth of little Ana Sandra Lequio had brought immense happiness and joy to Ana, who recently shared a heartwarming picture of her daughter in her arms, wrapped in a white blanket with bear ears and enjoying her big blue pacifier.

An Emotional Note to Her Son Aless

Ana also dedicated some emotional words to her son Aless, who is the biological father of the child. She expressed her love and care for her granddaughter as if she were Aless’s daughter, stating, “Every second of every day, I give her all the love that you would have liked to give her so much. I hug her for you, I take care of her for you, I love her for you.”

Ana’s Lifestyle Changes

The birth of her granddaughter has brought about many changes in Ana’s life. For three years, the actress only wore black or white as a sign of mourning for the death of her firstborn. However, now it is pink that floods everything, including her clothing and the decoration of her apartment in the United States.

Book Publication and Foundation

Another of Aless’s wishes that has come true has been the publication of El chico de las musarañas, a novel she left unfinished in which she gave more details of what the experience of a cancer patient is like. All the proceeds from its sale go to the foundation that was created in honor of Aless Lequio, which helps children and young people who are diagnosed with the same disease.

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Visitors in Miami

Ana and the baby have received several visits in Florida, from her great friend Susana Urrabari to her niece Celia. The young woman shared that all the García Obregón family is looking forward to meeting Anita in person, but there is no set date yet.

Aless’s Death Anniversary

The birth of her granddaughter may have brought joy to Ana’s life, but it still cannot ease the pain of losing her firstborn. Last May 13 was the third anniversary of Aless’s death, and Ana still struggles to come to terms with his absence, stating, “Three years without you, and the tears have not dried up. I still do not accept that I cannot embrace the love of my life.”

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