Ana Obregón shuts down her haters with a heartwarming snapshot of her adorable granddaughter

Little Ana Sandra: Bringing Joy to Ana Obregón’s Life

On March 20th, Ana Obregón welcomed the newest addition to her family, her granddaughter Ana Sandra. The actress and presenter couldn’t be happier and has been sharing her joy on social media and in interviews. However, her decision to have a child and become a grandmother at the age of 66 has also caused controversy and criticism.

In response to the negativity, Ana Obregón has sent a strong message to all her detractors. She posted a photo of Ana Sandra sleeping peacefully with her little hands placed over her ears and wrote, “ANITA says: Deaf ears to foolish words. And she wishes you a happy night.” The message is clear, she will not let anyone ruin her happiness or the happiness of her granddaughter’s arrival.

Ana Obregón’s love for her granddaughter is evident as she expresses her hopes and dreams for her future. She promises to always provide her with love and financial support, and hopes that she will grow up to be a strong, happy, generous, caring, healthy woman who forgives.

Ana Sandra has brought light to Ana Obregón’s life after the tragic death of her son Aless in 2020. The actress and presenter has risen from her ashes and has finished writing Aless’s book “The Boy with the Shrews,” which will go on sale with all profits going to the investigation of childhood and adolescent cancer.

Although Ana Obregon’s decision to become a grandmother at 66 has caused controversy, there is no doubt that little Ana Sandra has brought joy and happiness to her and her family’s life.

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