“Ana Obregón’s Exclusive Surprise: Her Most Anticipated TV Interview with Joaquín Revealed”

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Six months after the end of the first season of Joaquín, the rookie, the ex-soccer player and his program return again with a very special delivery.

The guest will be nothing more and nothing less than Ana Obregón.

The former Betis player and the Mask Singer researcher will meet in a program that will be the presenter’s first television interview since she became a mother.

Ana Obregón in Joaquín, the rookie.

We show you the images of the spectacular party that Joaquín lived with Susana Saborido after the tribute game.

After Bertín Osborne’s announcement that it would be at Mi casa es la tuya – the same producer as Joaquín’s program – where Ana Obregón would give the interview, the artist has decided to chat with Joaquín.

As they have been able to advance on the official website of Antena 3, the presenter “will open her heart and explain how they have experienced all the criticism she has received during the arrival of the baby in her life”.

Ana Obregón: ‘When I hug Ana, it is as if I were hugging my son’.

Joaquín, the rookie on Antena 3.

Joaquín Sánchez’s fortune: his businesses outside of football and his family.

As can be seen in the promotion, Ana and Joaquín will meet before the cameras and microphones, since they do not have coincided over time in any event or television program.

There is no chosen broadcast date yet, but the channel assures that it will be soon.

Without a doubt, this will be one of the most important television events of this season finale, since Ana Obregón has been on the lips of all television spaces for months: “Everyone is talking about you,” Joaquín told Obregón in the first advance.

Ana Obregón in Joaquín, the rookie.

Alessandro Lequio: The first pose he did with Ana Obregón.

Now we just have to wait to find out what topics they will talk about and discover how far Joaquín has been able to go in this new facet as a presenter.

For the moment, and what the images let us see, we know that the former player gave him a very special gift, a Betis shirt for Ana Sandra Lequio, with the name ‘Anita’.

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