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Anahí and the reason that kept her from the stage: “I felt that my mental and emotional health were not so good” – MAG.

Throughout her more than 30 years of artistic career, the actress and singer Anahi he has had many moments of success and happiness; However, it has also lived through difficult periods that it has only been able to overcome with external help.

The former member of the RBD group was honest in a recent interview with the Spanish Mar Saura and told how she lived the difficult moments of her career, immersed in fame and success, but with mental and emotional health problems.

“I have always enjoyed what I did very much, I have lived grateful for everything I was able to know, grow, experience, but there were also things that were a bit rough that mark you in a not so positive way. AND that made me think about taking some time, I felt that my mental and emotional health was not so good, Anahí admitted.

“I am in a plane in my life in which I decide when to appear and when not, but when I appear to give my best, not to be hiding a sadness behind a smile … We know when we no longer want to be in a place and I I think it is there, of course there is fear and uncertainty, but it is at that moment that the bravery comes out and you say: ‘first comes my heart and my peace of mind’ “added.

Likewise, Anahí acknowledged that she does not regret anything and that she is happy to have made the decision to take a break and focus on her family life. In addition, she confirmed that spirituality allowed her to connect with herself.

“Yes, of course, I had to ask for help, it’s okay to ask for help when you need it, and that’s brave. There was a moment in my life when I needed that little push … I got very close to my spiritual side and that helped me a lot, in the acceleration of so many things in recent years, you don’t have the time to land and be in balance “he continued.

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