“Anahí’s Heartfelt Message to Manuel Velasco as She Officially Joins the Presidential Race”

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Anahi expresses support for husband Manuel Velasco’s political aspirations

Anahi, known for her role in the band RBD, took to Instagram to show her unwavering support for her husband, Manuel Velasco. Velasco recently registered as a candidate for Coordinator of National Committees for the Defense of the Fourth Transformation (4T), with hopes of running for the presidency of Mexico in 2024.

Despite not being able to attend the event, Anahi made sure to let her husband know how proud she is of him. She posted a picture of Manuel signing his application with their youngest son by his side, and wrote, “I am so proud of you. Always fighting for your dreams and let nothing ever stop you. You’re the best!!! You are an example of effort, struggle, determination, and love for your people. Congratulations! You have already won in this life.”

Continuing to shower her husband with love and support, Anahi commented, “We will always be here for you. And when they tell you you can’t, keep showing that true warriors never give up. I am always here for you.”

Anahi’s devotion to Velasco is evident, as she once again demonstrates her unconditional support for him. The couple got married in 2015 and has since built a beautiful family together.

While Velasco understood Anahi’s absence from the event, he emphasized her dedication to her own career. He explained that she is currently working on a new song for her upcoming tour, titled “The Last Dance”. Velasco expressed his admiration for her work ethic and supported her commitment to her music.

It is clear that Anahi and Velasco are each other’s biggest cheerleaders, constantly supporting and inspiring one another in both their personal and professional lives.

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