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Anahí’s husband reacts to rumors that the RBD prohibits him from working

Since his wedding in 2015, RBD fans believe that the Mexican politician does not agree that he should continue with his career.

Anahí’s decision to prioritize her family over tours, concerts, soap operas and projects that would imply her being absent from home has led some fans to speculate as to whether that decision was entirely made by the RBD or by her husband, Manuel Velasco.

“My husband is very respectful in what I decide to do or not. He does not get involved in my professional plans, but I know he is happy to see me happy and carrying out my projects,” Anahí commented to The universal in 2020, adding that you want your children to know that their mother worked from a very young age to achieve many goals.

“I want my two children to be proud of me, to know that they have a mother who since she was a baby has worked hard and always got ahead in life, and that being a mother does not prevent you from continuing to fulfill your dreams and goals, on the contrary It is your greatest engine, “he said.

Although fans witnessed the joy that the former governor of Chiapas gave to see his wife fully enjoy her brief return to the stage with RBD in December 2020, doubts about her stance on Anahí’s career remain latent.

What is the position of the Mexican politician?

The details, in the video above.

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