And the most used emoji in 2021 and the least used are …

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In 1995, Shigetaka Kurita created for the mobile internet platform of NTT DoCoMo a heart-shaped symbol among the mobile options Pocket Bell. And given its enormous reception, this led Kurita to seek ideas among symbols and elements of Japanese culture such as the Kanji or the manga to develop a set of 176 characters, thus the first ones were born. emojis, ideograms or characters used in electronic messages and websites, particularly in messaging applications and other social networks.

Most used emoji of 2021

And there is nothing better than an emoji to instantly express how we feel without having to use words, something that highlights the fact that 2% of the world’s online population uses emoji.

But what emoji are we using? According to data collected by the Unicode Consortium, the non-profit organization responsible for the digitization of the world’s languages, Happiness tears It accounts for over 5% of all emoji use (the only other character that comes close to it is ❤️).

The ten most used emoji around the world are

  1. Laughter Tears 😂
  2. Heart (red) ❤️
  3. Tears of laughter from the side🤣
  4. Thumb up👍
  5. Lloro😭
  6. Hands together praying🙏
  7. Kiss with heart😘
  8. Face with hearts🥰
  9. Look with hearts😍
  10. Smile emoji😊


Less popular emojis of 2021

Emoji patterns are fairly universal across subcategories – the highest ranked emoji consistently represent multiple concepts, thus being used in a wider variety of situations.

Let’s use the category of clothing emojis as an example: The most used is crown 👑 while the least are handbag, lab coat 🥼 and flat shoe 🥿. According to the Consortium “this is a pattern that we see over and over again”, and here is a small sample of emoji that are the best of their kind:

  • 🚀 The rocket found in the Transportation – Air emoji category symbolizes the progress that is being made and the anticipation of big changes.
  • 💪 Flexed Biceps is the most important body part emoji (this sub-category excludes hands) and is often used to indicate strength, success, overcoming a fight, exercising, showing off, bragging or rolling up your sleeves for a shot.
  • 💐 Plant-Flower Bouquet for all occasions: congratulations, celebrations and relationships of many varieties, whether platonic or romantic.
  • 🦋 Butterfly is the most common Animal emoji (found in the Animal-Bug sub-category) representative of change, beauty, nature, and transformation.
  • 🤸 Person Rolling Cart may not be the most popular sport in the world, but it is the most popular Person-Sport that suggests happiness and joy. Editor’s note: I like to pair it up with a black hole when disaster is brewing 🤸🕳️
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And after seeing the favorites, we go with the not so favorites. In fact, what may be the least popular category of emojis in 2021? Flags, and within this, the least popular subcategory is the flags of countries -Although curiously they represent the largest collection of emojis, nothing less than 258.


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