Andalusians turn to Vox after the motion: offices collapsed due to the avalanche of affiliations

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Andalusians turn to Vox after the motion: offices collapsed due to the avalanche of affiliations

Vox Andalusia has received a complete avalanche of affiliations to the party since the motion of censure took place last Saturday. As you may have known OKDIARY, in cities like Granada, Seville or Córdoba the usual volume has tripled, which is why they have had to extend their hours and even work on weekends.

In order to attend the “Thousands of calls” that have been received since last Thursday, the different Vox headquarters in Andalusia have been forced to bend their efforts throughout this weekend.

«Since Thursday afternoon, after the vote on the Motion of Censorship, the telephones enabled for customer service have been collapsed by inquiries from Grenadians interested in joining Vox and to express their outrage at the unjustifiable cowardice of the PP, which voted against evicting the government from the social communist leaders of PSOE and Podemos», They explain from Vox Granada, which underlines that, for this reason, its Provincial Executive Committee has decided to open the Granada headquarters, located in Paseo del Salón number 7 2ºD, this Saturday, October 24 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., in order to serve all people interested in joining or receiving information.

Party sources assure that the same has happened in Córdoba, where they have registered up to three times as many requests for membership than they are used to. A massive support, which was also repeated in Seville, as it advanced OKDIARY.

And is that Vox Sevilla It has also had to extend its opening hours to the public at its headquarters in the capital of Seville due to the “avalanche of new membership applications that has been registered since the afternoon of this Thursday,” as explained by the president of Vox Sevilla, Javier Cortés , which acknowledges that «we did not expect it» but «we understand that it is the logical reaction of Spaniards who have found themselves overnight orphans of political references and find in us a series of principles and values ​​that since yesterday, and thus have been made manifest in the plenary session of the Congress, only Vox defends and will defend”.

In this way, the provincial headquarters of the party, located at Calle Luis de Morales, 20, in the Nervión neighborhood, will expand its office hours, and will even open this Saturday, October 24, from 11.00 to 13.00, to attend to all people interested in joining Vox, as confirmed by party sources.

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