Andrea Legarreta’s Unwavering Love: Only Erik Rubín Holds Her Heart

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Andrea Legarreta Reflects on Turning 52 and Aging

Andrea Legarreta recently celebrated her 52nd birthday and took the time to reflect on the passage of time and the effects of aging. The television presenter became emotional when discussing the possibility of falling in love again. While talking to the press outside Televisa San Ángel, Legarreta expressed her contentment with her age and how she takes care of herself.

“Over the years, sometimes one melts like a candle, but in reality, I think that despite everything, I take care of myself,” she explained. “I try to take care of my diet, I exercise.”

Legarreta also mentioned that she is not currently interested in altering any part of her physique but is open to the idea in the future. She stated, “It’s not like I’m abandoning myself, but I know that there are things that will sag with gravity. If I can naturally correct some things little by little, that’s fine. Or, if the most natural way requires a knife, then we’ll see. It has been a long time since I had botox on my face, but today I feel good.”

When discussing the birthday wishes she received from her ex-partner Erik Rubín, Legarreta shared that she appreciated the kind gesture. She acknowledged that people might find their relationship confusing, but what truly matters is the love and connection they have shared over the years.

Addressing the possibility of starting a new romance with someone younger, Legarreta became tearful and revealed that she is currently content without a partner. “Not really, I feel that today I don’t have space. I don’t feel like it… today I can’t imagine myself with someone else,” she concluded.

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