Andrea Meza welcomes trans women to beauty pageants, like Miss Universe

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Unlike Lupita Jones and other former beauty queens who prefer to reserve their opinions, Andrea Meza wants more trans women participating in beauty pageants.

Undoubtedly, Andrea Meza has marked a before and after in beauty pageants, both in Mexico and globally. Since her coronation, the Chihuahuan has shown that she is a woman who will defend her right to express her opinion, express her ideas and defend herself against any pronouncement that questions her work.

Her affinity for various causes in favor of women’s rights also extends to the LGBTQ + community. And is that unlike Lupita Jones, Andrea does not see as a problem that trans women want to participate in beauty pageants.

For the current Miss Universe, they are women who deserve respect and to be seen as such.

His words, in the video above.

“No, well, what happens is that there are contests for them,” said Lupita Jones in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante about the participation of trans women in Miss Universe.

“There are contests for transgender people, for transvestites,” he said. “The rules of Miss Universe have changed and well, finally they are the rules of the contest.”

“But they are not the same. They are not women,” said the journalist, to which Jones replied: “She is a transgender woman. That is why there are transgender contests. There is space for everyone. We have the right to free will. If they achieve through these surgeries generate a body very similar to that of a woman, but she is a transgender woman. There are spaces for everyone, is what I think. It is not about discrimination. Everyone has their place. The characteristics are very different. “

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Andrea Meza, on the other hand, has a very different opinion.

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