Andrea San Martín: Ex-mother-in-law of influencer sends a message to her granddaughter and assures that she will not faint until she recovers her

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Juan Víctor Sánchez’s mother, Alicia Díaz, complained through her social networks about not being able to see her granddaughter, Andrea San Martín’s daughter, and warned that they will not faint until they can get her back.

In her Instagram stories, Alicia Díaz hopes that in 2022 she will be able to see her granddaughter to make up for lost time because the little girl would be the piece of the “family puzzle” that has been taken from them.

For a 2022 full of smiles. Creating new memories and growing with the love of your family. We have to recover all those days, weeks that you have been away without being able to embrace and enjoy your occurrences or your entire essence. You are that piece of our family puzzle that has been taken from us, but we will not faint and we will continue to fight to recover.r ”, reads the first part of his message.

Today we talked for a little while and I was even able to tell you the story of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in a reduced version. Thanks to your daddy for including me in the video call”, Concluded Alicia Díaz.

But not only she complained through her social networks. So did his son, Juan Víctor, who posted on December 31 on Instagram: “Yellow briefs ready, suitcases ready, grapes ready, confetti ready, does anyone know what is used so that they can let me share as before with my daughter?”.

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