Andrés García and the fear he felt for María Félix

Away from soap operas the actor Andres Garcia He continues to talk due to the experiences or anecdotes he exposes through his YouTube channel, which is used as a way to get closer to his thousands of followers who are aware of everything he does.

On July 16, 2021, he used this digital platform to reveal something that for many people is totally unknown. It is a story where the remembered soap opera actress is involved Maria Felix.

Maria Felix She is one of the most recognized actresses worldwide and was characterized by her great character and admirable beauty. At the time he became a benchmark of the so-called Golden Age of Mexican Cinema.

He participated in films such as Enamorada (1946), Tizoc: Indian love (1957), Doña Barbara (1943), a film for which he adopted the pseudonym of The Doña for the similarity of the character of his character and hers, Maclovia (1943), among others.

For its part, Andres Garcia He was born in Santo Domingo and gained fame after he stepped on Mexican soil, because there he was considered one of the most sought-after actors at the time, because he was the protagonist and leading man in different productions that were internationally successful. This characteristic was also used by García when interacting with different women.

But among the anecdotes or stories that the actor tells through his YouTube channel, he surprised his followers by indicating that there was a person he was afraid of.

In the YouTube video entitled “Did you fight against El Santo, the silver masked man?”, He revealed that with “La Doña”, who was none other than María Félix, he did not go beyond a simple friendship due to a certain fear who had the actress.

María Félix and I loved each other and admired each other a lot and unfortunately I was a little scared to enter the relationship. And she even said to me on one occasion ‘Well, you and I, why haven’t we gone to bed, what impediment have you seen? I have none, but my legs are shaking ”, Garcia confessed in the middle between laughter.

But that was not all, well, he also recalled an occasion when the two met in France.

She was lovely with me, where I was, once we met in Paris. Suddenly I heard a cry over there ´Andrés! ´ and it was María who was with her French husband; He left him and went to hug me, he cuddled me and said: ‘how are you, what a miracle’ “, I note.

Without a doubt, the actress made the actor nervous, who remarked that he felt fear in front of her. “She is the only woman who has scared me. I said, ‘How about I fall in love?‘”He said.

At another time, the actor revealed that there was a great attraction between them but there was never a relationship between them.

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