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“Andrés García Honored in Posthumous Tribute, Widow Issues Statement on Actor’s Inheritance”

Leonardo García and his mother, Sandra Vale, made a public appearance almost two months after the death of Don Andrés García. Don Andrés passed away on April 4 as a result of cirrhosis, fibromyalgia, and other conditions that he was diagnosed with. The actor’s ex-partner and famous son attended the tribute and unveiling of a bust in honor of Don Andrés in Acapulco, Guerrero, where the artist spent his last years of life.

Leo began his speech, saying, “How well do you know My mom is a bit embarrassing with the cameras, she gets nervous, but say a few words to yourself, even if they’re just a few,” while Sandra said, “Thank you all for coming, it’s an honor for me to have all his true friends, who loved him (sic), because it was not easy, huh.” García’s son then asked Sandra, “What was not easy?” to which she replied: “Whatever, it was generalized in one day (sic), thanks to you really.”

Margarita Portillo, Andrés García’s widow, did not attend the event. However, she used the actor’s social networks to send a statement in which she pronounced herself in relation to the artist’s will. In her message, she said, “Today with great sadness I tell you that I have also seen various social networks and the media, undeserved and unfounded attacks and slander towards me, towards my family and towards everything that has to do with the relationship that my husband and I had. Therefore, at the time my husband’s will is opened and what was his last will is read and what he stipulated as his wish is respected, My lawyers and I will give the corresponding statements and interviews.”

She requested total and absolute respect for the position that her family and she have adopted up to now. The reason for her absence from the event is still unknown, but the statement on social media confirms that she will speak up when the time is right.

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