Andrés García: what was the reason for his fight with Carmen Campuzano and why does she not want to talk about the actor anymore

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Andres Garcia confessed to the program “Hoy” that Carmen Campuzano placeholder image It was one of the great loves of her life, the model assured that she has not spoken to her for more than ten years and that she does not want to remember old loves, many the one she had with the former novelist. What happened?

“I have my life partner and I do not give explanations of other people because my life partner deserves respect and his place, and I thank you for not asking me about other third parties who have nothing to do anymore”, said the model in statements for “De Primera Mano”.

Campuzano made it very clear that he has had a partner for several years and does not want to talk about Andrés García, which makes the unknown about what happened between them even bigger.

“Carmen was a great love; a very intense love, very passionate, very interesting. One of the great loves of my life, indeed “, were the words of Andrés García, last March, to the morning “Hoy”, on Televisa.

The protagonist of “The privilege of loving” stressed that although they no longer have contact, he prefers to keep a beautiful memory.

Eduardo Carrillo, one of the commentators on “De Primera Mano”, apparently solved the mystery, by revealing why the artists ended up in a lawsuit after so much love.

She said that Andrés García, 30 years older than Carmen Campuzano, did not defend her from the Mexican star and actress of Chinese descent, Lyn May.

“They ended up very much in a lawsuit, because Lyn May said that she had also slept with Andrés García. They were linked on a show, Carmen and Lyn May, and they fought. Lyn called her a bun nose and the other called her a memela face, and Andrés did not defend Carmen and that is why Carmen got upset “, He said.

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Gustavo Adolfo Infante commented that in an interview, Lyn May assured that he had had something with the actor born in the Dominican Republic, but he flatly denied it. The former novels heartthrob said that he had never been with her, since she had a “very good” sister who she had previously been with. Lyn May replied that she has no sister Andrés has known.

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