Andrés García’s brush with death

By: Dan Cooper

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Remembering Andrés García

Although Andrés García passed away on April 4, 2023, he will always occupy a special place in the hearts of people who will remember him for the countless productions in which he participated in both television, film, and theater.

Not only this, but also because of the anecdotes he told the times he was interviewed, one of them was when he was about to die because of an ex-girlfriend who tried to take revenge on him.

Ex-Girlfriend who did not accept being ignored

Several years ago, Andrés García traveled to Venezuela with the actress and model Tere Velásquez, whom he considered his wife: “She was my woman for a long time,” he said.

When he arrived in Venezuela, he received some flowers with a note from an ex-girlfriend.

“‘Do you remember the nights we spent in Venezuela? I haven’t forgotten them, I hope this Once, even if you’re married, don’t forget about me, give me a ‘little space.” And there he said half-horny things,” he told Mara Patricia Castañeda in an interview.

Bloody revenge

Faced with Andrés García’s rejection, the woman did not stay arms crossed and looked for a way to take revenge. Sending him to kill. The day they went for the actor, they mistook him for an employee and he was saved. “They machine-gun him. He was miraculously saved, huh? He was mute for two months,” he said.

His infidelities caused him many problems

As he himself has admitted, his infidelities caused him many problems not only with the partners he had at that time, but also with the environment of the women he was in contact with.

“I married several of them and I didn’t marry others because I was already married, but I lived with them. I have lived as about 16 different women, ”he told the program“ The minute that changed my destiny ”.

In Memory of Andrés García

Andrés García may be gone, but he will always be remembered for his talent, charisma, and unforgettable stories. He truly left a mark on the entertainment industry and in the hearts of his fans.

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