Andrés García’s final moments revealed by his wife Margarita Portillo

By: Dan Cooper

Published on:

On April 4, 2023, Mexican actor Andrés García passed away at the age of 81, leaving behind a legacy that will never be forgotten. His wife, Margarita Portillo, accompanied him during his battle with illness, and she recently released a statement detailing the actor’s last moments.

According to Portillo, García received a blood transfusion on April 2 and was discharged on the same day. However, his body was already tired. On April 3, his family organized the last rites, and he received extreme unction, which is the sacrament of the Catholic Church that people who are on their deathbed receive.

Portillo confirmed that García passed away on April 4 at 3:07 pm, thanking God that he left peacefully. She also announced that his wake would take place at his home in Acapulco on Calle Urracas No. 20 of the Costa Brava Fractionation.

García reportedly passed away from cirrhosis of the liver, a disease that required urgent blood transfusions, but his type was challenging to find. Three days before his death, Portillo announced García’s delicate state, saying that his hemoglobin and platelet count were very low.

The relationship between García and his children has been complex, and Portillo revealed that his son, Andrés García Jr., had said “very ugly things” to him and that the actor did not want to see him in his last moments. García will be remembered as one of Mexico’s most beloved actors.

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