Andrés García’s Friend Speaks Out: Actor Drinking Tequila Days Before Passing Away

Celebrating the life of Andrés García, a bust was erected in his memory, attended by close acquaintances including Fernando Haces. Haces aided García during his recovery from severe pneumonia by taking him out of the hospital. However, he did so without permission from the now-widow Margarita Portillo, resulting in accusations of negligence.

Despite Portillo’s public outcry, Haces defended his actions, claiming that if García had been extremely ill, he would not have been moved from his hospital bed. Haces also disclosed that he fulfilled one of García’s last wishes – to drink alcohol – which Portillo had denied him due to his history of cirrhosis.

Haces stated that his intentions were never malicious, with his desire to make García happy and comfortable during his last days. He even pointed out the modest amount of alcohol they consumed that day and maintained that he acted out of good faith.

When questioned about the possibility of Portillo suing him for using García’s image without her consent, Haces believed it was unnecessary and hoped she would be proud to see her partner commemorated in this way.

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