Andrés García’s “Three Testaments”: The Complex Inheritance Tangle

Andrés García’s Inheritance: Who Gets What?

Mexican actor Andrés García passed away on April 4, 2023, due to respiratory complications arising from cirrhosis and other ailments. As with most inheritance cases, the issue of who would inherit García’s assets became quite complex.

García, a celebrated actor in both television and movie industries, was married four times. He fathered three recognized children, including Andrés Junior and Leonardo, and the daughter Andrea, whom he denied paternity during his lifetime.

García’s relationship with his children was often marked by disagreements and intermittent reunions. Margarita Portillo, García’s fourth wife, whom he married in 2011, was often accused of manipulating the actor and taking advantage of his state of health.

Besides his children, García is survived by his sister, Rosa María García. Actor Roberto Palazuelos, who was García’s childhood friend, was also mentioned as one of his heirs, but they later fell out due to problems with Portillo.

García’s Openness About His Inheritance

García spoke openly about his inheritance on several occasions, revealing who his heirs were. However, those he indicated often changed depending on the status of the relationship he had with them at that time. Months before his death, García even disinherited his children and Palazuelos in one of his videos. He also accused them of wanting to keep his inheritance.

Controversies Over García’s Wills

It has been revealed that there are three different wills in play: one García signed for Margarita, another with Palazuelos, and the third, which is with a notary. Leonardo García, Andrés’s son, has been vocal about his father’s delayed wishes, stating that Margarita is delaying the opening of the will. He also disclosed that all parties had submitted their respective documents, except for Margarita.

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Recently, Palazuelos and Leonardo have claimed that García’s wedding with Margarita was invalid as he never divorced his first wife, the mother of their children. Portillo responded to these accusations by downplaying them and asking for people to wait until the will is opened.

In conclusion, Andrés García’s inheritance involves an enormous amount of complexity and drama. The controversies over his three wills continue to unfold. The situation raises the question of how one can ensure that their last wishes are duly executed while avoiding family conflicts and legal disputes.

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