Andrés Hurtado confesses: I would have liked to be white, I hate having been born like that

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The television host, Andres Hurtado He surprised locals and strangers by revealing that he hates the color of his skin during the latest edition of his program ‘Because today is Saturday with Andrés’ on Panamericana TV.

It all happened when I was interviewing the doctor Marcelo Velit, a fertility specialist, who was explaining about assisted reproduction.

My dad was of Spanish descent, may he rest in peace, he was red-white, with green eyes. My mom was a brunette woman, aiming for black. And I came out this ‘roe …’. That’s why I always recommend that you improve the breed, right?”Said the television host.

Immediately, the medical specialist refuted his statements and clarified: “There is a misconception, the improvement of the race does not come through blue eyes or white skin, it comes from health “.

However, the driver insisted. “I’m not a hypocrite like everyone else. I hate being born like that, I would have liked, at least, to be white like you. I envy you. Of course, meter 75, but white and blue or gray eyes. How cute no? So I don’t suffer and I don’t have to be paying”, Expressed Andrés Hurtado.

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