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Andrés Pastrana: «What happens in Peru is a consequence of the criminal scaffolding financed by Maduro»

Andres Pastrana, former president of Colombia, has spoken with OKDIARIO about the advance of populist regimes in Latin America, where candidates close to the Chavista regime are winning elections. The last case could be that of Peru, where in the absence of a final count, the ultra-left candidate Pedro Castillo he has declared himself the victor over Keiko Fujimori. However, for Pastrana what is advancing in Latin America is not populism but “a criminal scaffolding financed by the narco-dictator Nicolas Maduro and God given hair (your number 2) ».

Pastrana, when asked what he thinks of this advance, affirms: “It is very worrying because we see that there is a strategy of destabilization of democratic regimes through the Sao Paulo Forum, the Puebla Group and the socialism of the 21st century. What is clear is what happened in Ecuador in 2019, in Chile with the subway toll, or what is happening now in Colombia. I have reiterated it, there is a criminal scaffolding financed by the drug dictator Maduro and Diosdado Cabello. It is a criminal scaffolding ”.

As for what he means by his statement that there is a «criminal scaffolding», the former Colombian president explains that “in the case of Colombia, even Maduro said the Chavista breeze was comingDiosdado says that the war is going to be waged in Colombia, not in Venezuela. Resources have come to the FARC to destabilize the country. “

And he adds that “they are trying to destabilize Peru. We have to wait to find out who the next president is. In fact, 22 former presidents asked both candidates to refrain from calling themselves winners. There may be about 200,000 votes at stake. But the strategy of populists, like Evo Morales or the president of Argentina, is to go out and congratulate Castillo. We must wait for the result of democracy ”.

What Andrés Pastrana tells is more than worrying. “I don’t think it’s populism,” he repeats, “but criminal scaffolding. President Moreno says that Maduro is financing its entry into the rest of the countries. This is said by the presidents of several countries, who are financing destabilization. It is not an ideological issue, but a criminal scaffolding to achieve power. If we go back to populist regimes … there has never been more corruption. Our raw materials had the best prices, fortunes came from high costs. We must get them to stop deceiving the people. With them is when there was more poverty ”.

OKDIARIO also asks the former president of Colombia for his opinion on Podemos. Pastrana affirms that “We can all know that it was financed by these regimes. That’s clear. There is a closeness between Podemos and Bolivia. He has been very ‘attentive’ in Venezuela. What is shown by the defeat of Pablo Iglesias versus Isabel Diaz Ayuso the thing is people are against all these populist theses”. And he adds that “it is clear that the financing of Podemos is by these regimes.”

What can be done about this advance? Pastrana responds that “there is an issue here, and that is that we are in a democracy, and those of us who believe in it respect it. What we promote from the Group IDEA is to work in our countries to prevent these regimes from reaching our territories. In Colombia we have elections next year and that is why I denounce this criminal scaffolding ”.

Regarding the elections in Colombia, the former president of this country affirms that “there will be three candidates in the center-right, but we will elect only one. There will be one from the center-left who is the candidate Sergio Fajardo and then it’s Gustavo Petro what is it promotes that Colombia is a new Venezuela. Next year is very important because there are elections in Colombia and Brazil. You have to work very hard to prevent them from entering ”.

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