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Andrew Garfield Falls for Florence Pugh in ‘We Live in Time’ Trailer

Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh star in the trailer for director John Crowley’s “We Live in Time,” which premiered on Wednesday. The film follows an unexpected love story that blooms after Pugh’s character, Almut, accidentally runs over Garfield’s character, Tobias, with her car.

Their chance encounter sets off a series of events that intertwine their lives over several decades. As they navigate romance, home-building, and family life, the couple faces numerous challenges. One poignant trailer moment shows Tobias shedding his neck brace and confessing his fears to Almut. “Because I’m worried there’s a very distinct and real possibility that I’m about to fall in love with you,” he says, capturing the film’s tender yet intense emotional landscape.

The trailer also hints at other significant moments, such as the birth of their child and Almut facing a serious health crisis, with Tobias steadfastly supporting her. These snapshots paint a picture of a relationship marked by both light and dark moments, ultimately leading to a profound truth that could shake their world.

Florence Pugh, already an Oscar nominee, has an impressive resume that includes “Don’t Worry Darling,” “The Wonder,” “A Good Person,” Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer,” and the upcoming “Dune: Part Two.” Andrew Garfield, also an Oscar nominee, gained acclaim with his role in the miniseries “Under the Banner of Heaven” and the musical “Tick, Tick … Boom!”

StudioCanal is producing the film, directed by John Crowley, who previously directed the acclaimed romance drama “Brooklyn” and Garfield’s breakout role in “Boy A.” The screenplay is penned by playwright Nick Payne, with SunnyMarch as a producer.

Producer credits for “We Live in Time” are shared by Adam Ackland, Leah Clarke, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Guy Heeley.

Source: Deadline, Hollywood Reporter, Variety