Andrew Garfield gets closer to winning an Oscar Award

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The rage of Spider-Man: No Way Home even before its premiere he could not overshadow it. It is that although all eyes are on the next movie of Marvel and the possible appearance of Andrew Garfield With the Spider-Man costume again, he knew how to detach himself for a moment from that and demonstrate a great step in his career. Is about Tick, Tick… Boom!, the tape of Netflix in which he gives life to Jonathan Larson which received very positive reviews.

Directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, It is an autobiographical musical in which its protagonist – creator of a hit as it was Rent– despairs shortly before turning 30 years old. Her projects are promising, but the pressure to create something great before it’s too late becomes mission impossible as she tries to maintain healthy ties with her surroundings. With his performance, the former Spider-Man managed to excite and show a new facet.

It is clear that he is an excellent actor and that he has everything to be defined as one of the most talented of his generation. This was demonstrated in productions such as The Social Network and Hacksaw Ridge, movies that earned him nominations for BAFTA, Golden Globe and even all Oscar Award for Best Actor in the 2016 edition. But this role is undoubtedly a before and after in his filmography.

Among the predictions for the next awards season, a good part of the viewers who have already enjoyed the film available on the platform since November 19, believe that Garfield could be a candidate. In the last hours, a new mention awarded by the Sunset Circle Awards had him as the protagonist. It is the recognition for Best Actor for his work in Tick, Tick… Boom!

There are a few days left for the Academy nominations to be announced and to know if he will really be recognized with an Oscar Award at 38 years old. However, whether or not he stands with the statuette, the truth is that both the specialized critics and the moviegoers who took a look at the musical film, were more than satisfied with his impersonation.

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