Andrew Garfield said his experience as Spider-Man hurt him

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Andrew Garfield gave life to Spider-Man in two films directed by Marc Webb in which the hero faced the Lizard, Electro, the Green Goblin and Rhino. The actor spoke many times about how disappointing the experience was, especially since he wanted to establish a deeper universe for Spidey and not have to deal with the objectives of the production company that was looking for 100% profitable content.

Now the name of the interpreter sounds to participate in Spider-Man: No Way Home, where rumors speak of the possibility of making the spiderverse a reality and seeing the three Peter Parkers of the cinema together on screen. Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield they would be part of this iconic seventh art moment. The truth? Nothing confirmed yet!

Andrew Garfield’s pain!

Garfield has mixed feelings when it comes to talking about his time as Spider-Man. In an interview with The Guardian he said: “I went from being a naive child to growing up. How could he imagine that it was going to be a pure experience? There are millions of dollars at stake and that is what guides the ship. It was a great awakening and it hurt. Evidently Andrew’s expectations of the character were different from reality.

“San Diego Comic-Con is full of grown men and women who keep in touch with that pure thing that the character means to them, but you add the market forces, the test groups and the focus is less on the soul. of the character and more in ensuring that we earn the maximum amount of money possible “, continued analyzing the actor.

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“Money is what has corrupted us all and led us to the terrible ecological collapse in which we are about to die… I’m kidding, I’m kidding! I mean it will be a lot of years before that happens “, The introspective Garfield ended his reading on the present, who was sensitive to the situation he poses with his words.

Garfield shows great disappointment with the movies of the big studios. Will it be a problem for your participation in Spider-Man: No Way Home? Currently the interpreter is focused on smaller projects, although the world of cinema continues to value him. In 2017 he was nominated for an Oscar for To a man and in 2018 he won a Tony Award for his participation in Angels in America.

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