Andrew Garfield said Spider-Man: No Way Home will be “disappointing”

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Fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe they eagerly await the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home where, according to rumors, the three Spideys of the cinema will have an expected meeting on screen. In this way, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield they would be part of the film. There are indications that suggest that the spiderverse could be a reality: the participation of Alfred Molina as Doc Ock and Jamie Foxx as Electro, from previous hero franchises, are a possible indicator.

However, one of the actors involved in the rumor, Andrew Garfield, does not miss an opportunity to deny this possibility. In this case, he noted that those who expect to see him in the arachnid’s next entry will be “disappointed” with the film. Strong words from someone who I could be lying to keep the plot secret sin spoilear nada.

Andrew Garfield spoke again of Spider-Man: No Way Home

“It’s an exciting idea that people are obsessed with and I would be too if I was, you know, out there not knowing what’s going on. But I know what’s going on and I’m afraid it’s going to be very disappointing for people.” were the sayings of Garfield that he does not seem to give his arm to twist when asked about his participation in the ambitious project of the friendly neighbor.

The truth is that Garfield claims to know what happens in a project that, apparently, he has nothing to do with. Applying logic: how does the actor know what happens in Spider-Man: No Way Home? The doubt is gaining strength as time passes and the premiere of the film approaches. Andrew could well be playing the game on studio orders to preserve the tape’s surprise.

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However, the interpreter’s words are eloquent: “But what can I do? I have to let people be disappointed. That is a big part of my recovery in my life, I have to allow people to have their own feelings, I cannot mitigate or control the experience of others. That is a practice of mine. So if you want to create an expectation, it’s up to you“.

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