Andrew Garfield visited Jimmy Fallon and talked about “Spiderman: no way home”

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In the last few months Andrew Garfield became one of the most sought after actors. Together with Tobey Maguire he began to be the target of rumors of a possible participation in Spiderman: no way home. This film, which opens on December 17, will be the last with Tom Holland as Peter Parker and speculation about a spiderverse could not be missed.

In fact, the idea of ​​seeing Andrew Garfield Again in the skin of the super arachnid, at least as a surprise guest of the new feature film, they increased when some photographs of him on set with Maguire were leaked. And, while Marvel and Sony remain secretive about the truth about these rumors, he doesn’t stop giving interviews about it.

The last of them was, neither more nor less than with Jimmy Fallon, who a few hours ago spoke with Garfield and removed all kinds of doubts. Even though his words seem to go unheard as the conviction of the fans surpasses any of his sayings, he again flatly denied his participation in the closing of the Spider-Man trilogy.

There’s a photo circulating the internet of you and Tobey Maguire on the set of Spider-Man, the new Spider-Man movie“Fallon began by saying to which Andrew responded doubtfully:”I’m not sure about that”. For this reason, after a series of jokes, the actor said that, despite the fact that the photo was deleted from the internet, he saw it and assured that “it is a Photoshop”.

Even so, Andrew Garfield He couldn’t help but speak of his excitement at seeing a new movie of Marvel’s youngest superhero and once again complimented Tom Holland. “I’m excited and I think he’s (Tom Holland) the perfect Peter Parker and Spider-Man”Were his exact words.

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