Andrew Garfield’s sleeping problem

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The actor returned to play Peter Parker for the third time in Spider-Man: no way home. It seems that the papers bring him a lot of headaches, or at least that’s how it is understood with the curious dilemma he has.

© GettySome fans are excited to see Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Andrew Garfield is one of the actors of the moment in the networks, along with Tobey Maguire Y Tom Holland. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) He launched Spider-Man: No way home on December 17 and did so with the return of two iconic versions of the Spiderman performed by Maguire and Garfield, who joined the Holland to defeat classic villains like Doctor Octopus, Elektro y Green Goblin.

In recent days a video began to circulate in which he is seen Andrew Garfield talk about an unexpected problem, linked to your dream. It was during a talk with James Corden, where he not only explained what was happening to him but also showed an example and gave an explanation about the reasons why this could be thought to happen to him. For the alarmists, it is time to make it clear to them that they remain calm: it is not life or death.

“There is something wrong, sir. Garfield I don’t know if many people know: you talk a lot in your dreams. What are you saying?”, I ask Corden, what Andrew answered: “Well that’s the thing, I’m asleep when I do it. But I discovered an app, which is called ‘Sleep Talk’. You program it, and if it feels a sound, it starts recording”. At that time, the host asked the audience for silence so that he could listen carefully to what the 38-year-old actor was saying.

“You mean the scene where I’m supposed to be drunk, right? I noticed that too.”, he is heard saying Garfield, followed by other inconsistencies such as “It’s very rare”, “Very well done…”, “I can imagine… I don’t know. I’ll see” and “I start running and I have nowhere to start running”. Laughing, after covering her face with her hand for a while, Andrew he claimed: “Happens a lot (in my head)”As if that’s what talking in his sleep does to him.

Andrew Garfield’s desire to be Spider-Man once again

The British actor returned to Marvel and made it very clear that he loves Spider-Man. Not only did he improvise one of the most tender lines in the film, in which he tells the other versions of Peter Parker that he loves them, but now he has also shown himself willing to make a third film of The Amazing Spider-Man. “I’m definitely up for it if it looks good. Peter y Spider-Man, these characters have a lot to do with service and the common good for the majority. He’s a working-class kid from Queens who knows what it’s like to struggle and lose and is tremendously empathetic. I would borrow the ethics of Peter Parker In that sense, if there was an opportunity to take a step back and thus, tell more about that story, I would have to feel very safe and be sure of myself”, he claimed. It is worth noting that the original agreement was for three films, but the third part never reached theaters and it was never clear why.

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