Android Feature: Shake Your Phone to Activate the Flashlight

By: Dan Cooper

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The “Quick Flashlight” feature for Android

The “Quick Flashlight” is a gesture that may appear in future versions of Android. I tested it on a Motorola brand mobile device, as they were the first to implement this feature. However, it is possible to copy this function on any other smartphone. Do you want to know how?

When will the “Quick Flashlight” be useful?

This feature will be useful on specific occasions. For example, when you run out of electricity and cannot see anything due to darkness. It can also be helpful when an unwanted event occurs, causing serious material damage and affecting the electricity in your area.

To perform this trick, you will have to download the application called “Shake light”. You can find it through the Google Play Store for Android. An important fact to highlight is that the app knows when the mobile device is in your pocket, so the flashlight won’t turn on accidentally when you’re walking in a hurry or running. It is certainly a very useful feature that prevents the battery from running out.

How to turn on the flashlight by shaking your Android cell phone

1. Open Shake light after downloading it.
2. Another point in favor is that the app does not ask for any type of permission.
3. In the main interface, you will see a power button icon. If you touch it, the flashlight will turn on.
4. You are interested in the option located at the bottom of the button, where there is a section that says: “Turn on when shaking”. Activate it.
5. On the top right, you can see the icon of a gear. Press it to configure the tool.
6. Here, you can modify the sensitivity of the flashlight to adjust it to your strength or preference when shaking the phone.
7. Exit the application and to confirm the changes, shake the device so that the flashlight turns on.

Reasons not to use your phone with a broken screen

The glass of the lenses would crack the screen of your Android phone, making it unattractive. Also, you could cut your fingertips or small pieces of glass could get into your eye if lying on your back. A cracked screen also puts internal components at risk. The cracks generated by the blow can allow liquids or dust to enter and damage essential parts of the phone. The ideal solution would be to change the lens or go to a technical service to fix the screen. It is cheaper to fix one component than several.

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