Android: how to control the smartphone without touching it and using your facial expressions

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Google’s operating system, we mean Android, has inclusive tools to provide a better experience for people with some type of disability or physical difficulty. This is evidenced by the latest update of Android 12.0.0 Accessibility Suite, which will allow you to control the mobile device by doing only facial gestures. Do you want to know more about this new feature? now we will explain.

This is the Camera Switches function, which will allow you to control the mobile with facial expressions that will be captured by the front camera of the Smartphone, reported . It is important to clarify that this tool is only available in the fourth beta version of Android 12, in previous versions you will not be able to use it.

Although Camera Switches was developed exclusively for people with some type of disability, it can also be used by other users who have an Android mobile. Before giving you the steps to enable this tool, you must first download the latest version of the ‘Android Accessibility Kit’ application from the Google Play Store.

A very important detail that was not passed on to Google, is that users can configure the gestures to activate when they have been done twice, thus avoiding false positives that are a nuisance. For example, open your mouth twice to open the notification panel. How do I know that the gestures are activated? simple, at the top of the mobile (where the time goes) a face icon will appear.

Android 12 It has not yet been officially released on the virtual market, at the moment it is only available in the trial version. Google began launching two betas in May and June of this 2021, the first one only showed the system interface while in the second they added new privacy tools. The final and official version would be arriving between October and December of this year. click here so you can follow the steps and install the beta of Android 12.

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