Android: how to turn your photos into a scary zombie for Halloween – MAG.

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Many people are waiting for the arrival of October 31, the day on which it is celebrated Halloween or also known as Halloween, because the purpose is to invite your friends or family to spend a moment of fear. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most will meet through group video calls by different applications, however, to make this experience more terrifying and dynamic, we will teach you a trick that will turn all your photos into a zombie and even them will give movement.

It is an application called ‘The Walking Dead Yourself’ that you can download from the Google Play Store, it is exclusive for mobiles with an operating system Android. It consists of applying terrifying zombie filters to the photos in your gallery or if you want you can take a new one with the same app.

The aforementioned application will allow you to place different filters of faces, eyes, mouth, teeth, axes embedded in the head, suits, blood designs and texts, also, when exporting the image you will see how your creation automatically comes to life. It is important to clarify that the photo can be shared by different instant messaging platforms such as: WhatsApp, Telegram y Facebook Messenger.

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