Android: Samsung removes ads from preinstalled apps

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Android: Samsung removes ads from preinstalled apps

Samsung wants to remove advertisements from its preinstalled Android apps. Applications such as Samsung Weather, Samsung Pay and Samsung Themes are affected, the company told The Verge. The South Korean newspaper Yonhap had previously reported on it.

The mentioned applications are preinstalled on Samsung’s Android smartphones and should therefore be used by many people. Even though they’ve already spent money on the phone, they’ve had to watch ads on Samsung apps too – many were bothered by that.

“Our priority is to deliver innovative mobile experiences to our customers based on their needs and desires,” said Samsung opposite The Verge. An update that removes the advertisements from the pre-installed applications is to be released later this year, Samsung does not give an exact date.

It also remained unclear whether the advertisements were actually placed in Germany: the Samsung apps ran on several editorial cell phones without advertising. Samsung has not yet answered a request from Tuesday.


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