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Andy Biersack Intervenes After His Name Is Used to Bully Musician

Andy Biersack Intervenes After His Name Is Used to Bully Musician

Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack has intervened after seeing his name being used to bully rising emo artist TX2 on social media. Biersack took to the X platform on July 4 to address the situation, sharing his thoughts on the matter.

“I’ve seen my name used a lot as a way to make fun of this @tx2official guy and while I don’t know his music, I want to say I don’t condone that shit at all,” said Biersack.

The vocalist reflected on his own experience coming up as an artist, dealing with similar backlash.

“When BVB first got popular, our peers in your favorite bands said things like they wished I’d break my neck instead of my ribs or that they would prefer to get shot in the foot instead of listening to us. I was a teenager and adults in bands thought it was OK to criticize me because that was the acceptable take within the scene,” he recalled.

“I am not interested in being a part of the degradation of another artist simply because it’s ‘cool’ to dunk on them. All I know about TX2 is that I saw him watching us at a fest a few weeks ago, and he seemed to be a fan of what we do and for that, I appreciate him. We are not the arbiters of anyone else’s taste,” he added.

Addressing another follower who commended him for his statement, Biersack noted that people were still attacking TX2 despite his comments.

“I just don’t want my name used as a way to make fun of someone,” he said. “I’ve been on the receiving end of that for years and it’s not okay with me. As far as the other stuff goes, I am not ignorant to the fact that the vast majority of social media discourse is centered around ways in which people can be enraged by someone they don’t know and self-satisfied in their certainty that they are better than that person because they do and say and think everything right all the time in every situation.”

Despite Biersack’s statement, some users on the X platform have criticized him, interpreting his comments as support for TX2. Within the responses to the thread, fans have mentioned some of TX2’s questionable past actions that have made him a divisive figure in the scene.

In his statement, Biersack mentioned not knowing much about the musician, emphasizing that his comments were meant to condemn the use of his name to attack others.

After seeing Biersack’s post, TX2 responded on X, stating, “Hey man, this really made my day. I have looked up to you since I was a kid. Seeing your hero defend you on social media is the craziest feeling. I won’t forget this thank you.”

TX2 also created a TikTok video expressing what Biersack’s words meant to him. “I definitely did not have a father figure growing up, so all I had were these dudes in bands, and I was like, ‘I want to be like them. One day I hope I’m like that for future generations,” the musician said.

He continued, “You guys know how much criticism TX2 gets, and [Biersack] said he felt similar, and it’s true. Andy Black and Black Veil Brides received a lot of criticism on their come up. I’ve seen their interviews a lot. It’s so cool that they made a statement about me, and it’s cool that they’re being supportive. Really, they just know that we’re being hated. But it’s cool that they’re being supportive. Shout out to Andy Black for being a real one.”

“I always thought he was the coolest dude ever, and the fact that the coolest person I could possibly think of shouted me out, it’s insane dude. It’s crazy,” TX2 admitted.

As for Black Veil Brides, the band returns to the road in August. Dates, cities, venues, and ticketing information can be found through their website.

Source: Loudwire