Ángel “Pato” Cabrera spoke from prison and defended himself against complaints of gender violence: “I will prove that I am innocent”

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Ángel “Pato” Cabrera spoke from prison and defended himself against complaints of gender violence: “I will prove that I am innocent”

Ángel Cabrera, was in a prison in Rio de Janeiro. Now he is in Misiones and will be transferred to Córdoba (Interpol).

Ángel Cabrera, who is detained for an accusation of gender violence against his ex-partner, and who was extradited this week from Brazil, where he remained in the same situation for five months, assured that they “created a monster” around his name. He declared “not guilty” and said that he never fled the country.

Cabrera is detained in Puerto Iguazú, where he entered Argentina after being imprisoned in Rio de Janeiro, where he was apprehended while ruling an international arrest warrant. In the next few days he will be transferred to Córdoba, where must face a trial for causes of gender violence that were promoted by his ex-partner, Cecilia Torres Mana.

The legal case that arose from Torres Mana’s first complaint against Cabrera for “mistreatment and punches to the face” has been open since December 2016. At that time, they were still a couple. Two others followed in 2017 and 2018 for “minor injuries and threats.” After those attacks, the relationship ended. According to the testimony of the complainant, he threatened her with death on more than one occasion. “He told me that if he was imprisoned, I would return in a drawer”, He assured.

For the first time in several months, Cabrera made statements, Canal 12 of Córdoba from Misiones, in which he said: “They created a monster of me. I will prove that I am totally innocent. I am willing to come forward and show that this is not how things were said. It is not how all this was carried out. I never thought there could be so much fury ”.

When asked about his departure from the country last August, for which the Cordovan Justice requested that he return, he stated: “I went on a scheduled flight to Miami. I went normally as I did my whole life, to work with dignity. In no time did I get away, If I had to notify or had to ask permission to leave I did not know. I was in the United States and everyone knew my whereabouts, because I was playing tournaments, it was not hidden”.

Cabrera also commented on a video that the complainant filmed in 2016 in which he is seen rebuking her. His statements were not very clear: “I don’t really know what it is that you see. We all make mistakes and it happened to me too. We will see how to reverse the situation. “

The golfer himself said he did not know the date for his transfer to Córdoba, although it would be between tomorrow and Saturday. When you arrive, you will be housed in the Bouwer prison facility, where you will await the date of the prosecution process by the Second Crime Chamber.

The Argentine golfer was detained in a federal agency in Rio de Janeiro, where he was located by Interpol after the issuance of a red alert for his international capture, five months ago. Now he must face a trial for two accumulated causes, one for “rated minor injuries and threats“, And another for”qualified minor injuries and theft”, Reported in 2017 and 2018 by Torres Mana.

The 51-year-old athlete, winner of the US Open 2007 and the Augusta Masters in 2009, traveled on July 20, 2020, without judicial authorization, from his home in Villa Allende to the United States, to participate in a golf tournament.

Justice noticed his absence two weeks later, shortly after setting the date for the trial he must face and also days after new complaints filed by his ex-partner, which led the local Justice to process the international capture.

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