“Angélica Vale Makes a Comeback to Mexican Theater with Timbiriche: Juggling Effortlessly!”

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Angélica Vale rejoins the cast of La Onda Vaselina

For several years, Mexican actress Angélica Vale has resided in Los Angeles, California, with her family. This has prompted her to choose her projects in Mexico carefully and reject some that could take her away from her loved ones for an extended period of time. However, there is one project that she could not reject even though it meant spending 12 weeks away from her family.

The play in question is La Onda Vaselina, a production by Alejandro Gou that features some of the members of Timbiriche and other invited artists such as María León, Andrea Legarreta, Yahir, and Benny Ibarra. When Gou invited her to join the cast, Angélica knew she had to do it despite the long hours of rehearsals and the time away from home.

Her inner child’s dream come true

“This is something that was never done to me because I was younger than them, and the age difference was noticeable,” she acknowledged in an interview for Imagen Entretenimiento. “But now, I’m not the little girl anymore, and I’m not happy. My 6-year-old inner child is more than happy to be with the Timbiriches on stage,” she added.

Angélica Vale also revealed that she knows the play very well, having performed it before throughout her career. In 1988, she played the role of Sandy when she was only 12 years old, with Julissa as producer, and Alejandro Ibarra as her co-star. In 2007, the play was staged again, taking advantage of the great success that Angélica had in the soap opera La fea más bella.

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“I know ninety percent of the work. It’s a very strange thing,” she added. On this occasion, Angélica will play the role of Licha, which was originally performed by Paulina Rubio in 1984 when the Timbiriches were teenagers.

Reconciling life in Los Angeles with rehearsals and staging

Rehearsals for La Onda Vaselina will run for two months, and Angélica will need to travel between Mexico City and Los Angeles during that period. “I’ll be missing some rehearsals, but for the last month, I’ll be without moving from Mexico City, doing my radio program from there,” she said.

She added that she also needs to take care of her health and fitness before the play. “Because you also know what worries me? I already live in Los Angeles at sea level, son, and throwing myself the ‘we’ll go together’ at this age, no, I don’t dare! I have to spend a month throwing off all the kilos,” she said with a smile.

Despite the challenges, Angélica is committed to this play and excited to work with her childhood heroes. As she said, “just as Mexico is excited to go see Vaselina, I am just as drooling, very excited to work with them”.

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