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Unusual Storm Hits Veracruz Market, Wreaking Havoc
On June 4, a violent storm shook Tantoyuca, Veracruz in Mexico, engulfing a crowded market on Calle 16 de Septiembre. In a matter of seconds, a waterspout hit the market causing huge waves that destroyed trade stalls and washed away goods in its path. Both merchants and customers were left stunned by the rapid destruction of the market.

The strong winds, accompanied by hail and heavy downpour, lasted for about 40 minutes leaving a trail of destruction. The local newspaper, La Voz de Tantoyuca, reported that three merchants were almost swept away by the flood when they tried to rescue as much of their merchandise as possible; one of them actually fell into the water, but was fortunately saved by his colleagues.

The aftermath was incredibly astounding as the damage was severe. Three of the market-goers had to be taken to hospital after they were hit by structures that had collapsed. Additionally, 40 houses were flooded while about 15 trees were uprooted by the storm.

Despite the damages, the Secretary of the Civil Protection of the state of Veracruz ensured everyone that the state is working hard to manage the situation. The Subdirectorate of Meteorological Studies and Forecasts of the State Civil Protection Secretariat commented that they expect more rain and thunderstorms in the near future due to “the establishment of two troughs, the first in the interior of the country and the second in the Gulf of Mexico”.

Although the storms may persist, the authorities said temperatures will remain relatively high in most parts of Veracruz. They also stated that towards Thursday and the weekend, a decrease in rainfall was expected, but there might be a spike in daytime temperatures.

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