Angelina Jolie is all the rage on Instagram and shines on HBO Max

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Angelina Jolie He went back to the cinema and made it into the movie Those who wish my death, from the streaming platform HBO Max. The film is a success and finds its protagonist in a solid moment, impersonating a role to suit him. In this case, the popular actress gives life to Hannah Faber, a smokebomber, a firefighter in charge of fighting forest fires, even going so far as to parachute directly into danger.

The character had a traumatic experience when she was unable to rescue a family from a fire and now she is stationed in a tower where she is attentive to any sign of fire in the forests of Montana. However, life will surprise Faber when he has to face two dangerous assassins who have their sights on Owen (Jake Weber) and his son Connor (Finn Little). Criminals are played by Nicholas Hoult y Aidan Gillen.

Angelina Jolie is having a good professional moment

Criminals will coldly search for their potential victims and it will be Hannah’s responsibility to help Connor and his father through this life or death situation. Luckily, she knows perfectly the terrain in which they are and the forests will be the ideal scene to overcome the assassins. Angelina shines on a paper that finds her back in the action genre.

Meanwhile, the popular Hollywood figure opened a profile on the social network Instagram, where he shared a letter from an Afghan girl, denouncing the abuses of women’s rights that the Taliban are carrying out in their rise to power in that country. . Angelina surpassed nine million followers in a short time.

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On the other hand, the interpreter is expected to use the social network as a means of reporting and raising awareness rather than something personal. In fact, it follows only three accounts among which stand out “Refugees”, for the rights of refugees; “NAACP”, who fights for civil rights and Doctors Without Borders.

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