Animal Crossing: New Horizon | Nintendo says there is more content in development

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Since the pandemic blew up our way of life, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been around to transport players to a utopian and paradisiacal world, an ode to retired life in which, unfortunately, we must also pay the mortgate. More than a year after its arrival on the market, players expect new contentespecially considering how well the product has performed on the market. Nintendo has published on the social network Twitter that the next free update will be posted on July 29. In addition, they have ensured that they are working on more news.

“A free update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons arrives July 29. Please make sure you have updated to the latest version to enjoy the week of fireworks and seasonal objects ”, they have posted on Twitter. “In addition to these updates, there is more free content for the game which is currently in development for this year ”. In agreement with those in Kyoto, they will provide more information on this in the future. The Japanese firm has asked the players for patience and thanked the support received.

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Animal Crossing in times of pandemic

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a title released exclusively for Nintendo Switch. How could it be otherwise, the health situation has affected development, since the studies have had to adapt to a situation that had not been experienced to date. In the video game industry, most developers have had to develop the technology and processes for employees to work from home.

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In June of this year, the president of Nintendo America, Doug Bowser, already mentioned that although the game had not been present at E3 2021, the company was working on news: Although we have not talked about Animal Crossing during the Nintendo Direct of E3 2021, we have plans to ensure that your 33 million players keep having fun new activities on your islands to participate in. Stay tuned for what’s on the way “

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