Animal Crossing: New Horizons confirms biggest (and desired) update to date

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons shows the contents of the update 2.0, expected on November 5. From Nintendo they assure that it will be “the last free one”, prelude to the first great expansion: Happy Home Paradise.

Update 2.0: more outstanding contents

The Nintendo Direct dedicated to new content has brought us some features demanded by the community. We refer above all to The birdseed, by Figaro. The popular character will reopen his cafeteria at the museum. Broadly speaking, it works as a social meeting point: you can meet the villagers, call your friends or use the Amiibo to chat with certain characters. Yes, a cup of freshly ground coffee will cost 200 berries.

Another novelty is linked to the Captain. For 1000 berries, he will take you on a tour of unpublished and exclusive islands of their destinations. You will find islands in other seasons, hours of the day and even some “with mysterious flora”. Cayo Fauno, where the photographic studio is located, has also expanded its contents. You can contribute to set up establishments that had not yet been included in the original version. We speak, for example, of the predictions of Katrina, or the appearance of Tortimer.

New mechanics will also be included in the town hall. You will have the opportunity to sign ordinances with which to change the rhythm of your citizens. In this way you can fit your lifestyle with that of your island. Do you get up earlier than usual? Change your activity. Totakeke will return to his popular Saturday night concerts with a selection of 12 songs.

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These are just some of the content that you will add at no additional cost Animal Crossing: New Horizons next November 5. You can look forward to a new tool (the permanent ladder kit), the arrival of gyroids and the ability to move through tight spaces, among others.

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