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Ann Wilson of Heart Reveals Cancer Diagnosis; Band Postpones Tour

The rock band Heart is enduring a significant shock after their lead vocalist, Ann Wilson, was diagnosed with cancer during their Royal Flush Tour. Ann disclosed her diagnosis through a statement to update fans about her health and announce the postponement of their ongoing tour, which had just kicked off in London.

Fortunately, the doctors detected the tumor early, and Ann will be taking the rest of the year off, following medical advice. It’s uncertain at this point whether Heart will reconvene later in the year to continue their postponed tour without Ann, or if they will wait until she fully recovers.

Ann shared more details about her diagnosis, the steps the medical team took to address it, and their plans to prevent it from metastasizing. However, she did not disclose the type of cancer. Ann has undergone successful surgery to remove the malignant tumor and is reportedly in good health.

She has also been advised by her doctor to start chemotherapy as a precautionary measure to reduce the risk of relapse. Ann has expressed her willingness to follow this recommendation and is focused on her healing process.

Ann plans to strictly follow her doctor’s instructions about taking a break from work. In her statement, she reassured fans that she plans “to be back on stage in 2025.” She emphasized that her hiatus is temporary and that she eagerly anticipates returning to singing and performing.

In her closing remarks, Ann expressed gratitude to her bandmates, fans, family, and friends for their unwavering support during this challenging period. She added that she would not be issuing any further press statements about the issue, as she intends to focus her energy on making a complete recovery and getting back on her feet.

Source: Particle News