Anna Kendrick se une a la cinta “Alice, Darling”

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Throughout his career Anna Kendrick has performed various characters, from being Bella’s friend in Twilight, the protagonist in Pitch Perfect, and even Poppy in Trolls.

Kendrick has gained a passionate following thanks to the diversity of the projects he participates in, and although he has dabbled a bit with the supernatural in the Twilight series, his new film, Alice, Darling , you will see her dive. even deeper in the world of horror.

The actress and singer of musicals will immerse herself in this story, which will be carried out entirely by women, and which will be a story of psychological terror, which will surely captivate the viewer.

Rather than being a total immersion in blood and gore, early details about the film hint at a much more mysterious and haunting thriller than unraveling one piece at a time.

Alice, Darling will be directed by Mary Nighy from a script by Alanna Francis, who also stars Wunmi Mosaku, Kaniehtiio Horn, and Charlie Carrick.

Now in production, the film will be distributed by the company Lionsgate, which is recognized by successful films such as The Hunger Games.

The film will star Anna, who plays Alice, who behaves strangely and keeps secrets about her fickle boyfriend from her two best friends.

When the three friends go on a girls’ trip out of town, all the secrets are revealed when a local girl goes missing and Alice’s boyfriend arrives unannounced.

While Kendrick also starred in the zombie movie Life After Beth and the murder mystery A Simple Favor, both experiences featured plenty of comedy alongside their more sinister stories.

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Alice, Darling However, it looks like it will offer much more genuinely exciting components.

Can you imagine Anna Kendrick cas the protagonist of Alice, Darling? Do you think she’s ready for a film of such responsibility? Tell us your opinion in the comments, and follow us on The Truth News to find out everything about show business.

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