Anna Sophia Robb stars in Dr. Death, a dark thriller on StarzPlay: As soon as I read the script I was fascinated

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Anna Sophia Robb He returns to the screen, this time, with one of the roles, surely, the most important of his career. American actress stars Dr. Death together with a true elencazo led by Alec Baldwin, Joshua Jackson and Christian Slater, which will premiere this Sunday in StarzPlay. In addition, the plot of the series is also one of the highlights. Based on a podcast of the same name, it is also a true story about the case of the former neurosurgeon. Christopher Duntsch, sentenced to life imprisonment for mutilating several of his patients, two of whom died.

The young actress faces a real challenge in bringing to life Michelle Shughart, the prosecutor of the investigation against Duntsch and thanks to whoever ends up being arrested. On Spoiler, we had the opportunity to speak with Anna Sophia and he told us all about his character and the importance of the series in these times.

Millennial, Centennial or not, you probably remember Anna Sophia Robb for being Violet, the wicked girl that in Charlie and the Chocalate Factory She chewed gum and was very, very self-centered. The truth is that Anna Sophia with Freddie Highmore They are the ones who have best known how to maintain their careers in Hollywood of this group of young actors.

Today, the artist is 27 years old and has already participated in different films como Soul Surfer, The Crash, Freak Show and on television shows like The Carries Diares, Little Fires Everywhere, next to Reese Witherspoon and now Dr. Death. This character has a special flavor for the bravery of this woman who faces a corrupt system with the sole purpose of finding justice for the victims of Duntsch and the doctors who also went after him.

Robb as the prosecutor on the case (Photo: StarzPlay)

-Doctor Death is a series about a terrible true story based on the podcast of the same name. I wanted to know how much you knew about the case, how did you start your research for the role?

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“I wasn’t familiar with the case until I got the audition and saw that it was based on a podcast, that’s when I heard it. I was immediately hooked and was also completely terrified. I didn’t know anything about the story and everything that had happened. I was fascinated and read the whole script right away, you know. “

-And speaking of your character, Michelle Shughart, a district assistant and a key player in the arrest of Christopher Duntsch. Did you get to talk to her? How did you prepare for the role?

“I was able to talk to Michelle before we started filming and we were supposed to see each other in Texas, but because of the pandemic, we couldn’t travel. But the truth is that she was very open with me. I had a lot of questions, about her, about her past, you know, why did she become a lawyer, how did the case change, what did she think about this terrible thing. So I was able to ask him a lot and the truth was very helpful for my character and then Patrick, our showrunner, did a long-standing investigation into the case. There is another podcast that I also listened, specific to the court case, a more legal podcast and the truth is that there were many articles online. I did basketball training because … I don’t know if you finished the season, but I play basketball, that was the thing I definitely had to work on every day. “

Dr. Death

Joshua Jackson es Christopher Duntsch (Photo Credits:StarzPlay)

-Regarding your colleagues, you worked with Christian Slater, Alec Baldwin and Joshua Jackson, who gave an incredible performance. How was it working with them?

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“The truth is that it was wonderful … I had a lot of fun with them. Alec and Christian, they, well, they all know who they are, don’t they? I mean … I was walking a little intimidated, of course. But when we started recording, Really…They are amazing colleagues and I would love to work with them again. I had a good time. And then Josh is … well, I only shared one episode with him at the end. I knew him from before from Little Fires Everywhere … he’s so empathetic, he’s so loving, like you have a baby, so cute … watching him transform into that narcissistic sociopath is completely eye-catching and incredible. The truth is that I’m proud of what he did, I think he did a great job. “

-Returning to your character. She is a young, independent woman who seeks to do justice. Do you see anything of her in you?

“I think … well, I would like to say that I seek to do justice, but it is something more like … not comparing myself to her, but observing her and knowing her goals. And I think it is empowering to play someone who just wants to do a good job and you are sure you are the right person to do the job. I don’t know many times, it happens with the actors, you are asking for permission or seeking the approval of others and with Michelle it is … she …The only reason this case was resolved was because she went ahead, took the risk, and didn’t give up. And he didn’t ask for approval, he just followed his hunch to do things right for the victims. The truth is that perspective is really valuable and it is something that I try to take with me “.

Dr. Death

Alec Baldwin y Christian Slater (Photo Credits: StarzPlay)

-This series is very timely because, on the one hand, you have two doctors who alone are trying to do justice and, on the other, a woman, a young woman who is also trying to do the right thing. What do you think Dr. Death can leave us as history at this time?

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“I think what it shows is a complete team, a team that is trying to do the right thing. It shows us that it is very difficult, that there are many things to go against. I would say that Drs. Henderson and Kirby are incredible doctors. and they had an incredible reputation, but even they couldn’t stop Duntsch alone. They had to go to Justice, they needed it. I think … I hope that people who have experienced something that is very difficult against the system, something very big, you should know that there will be people who know what they do who can accompany you and thus work as a team. It took a whole team of people to go after Duntsch. “

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