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announced that they will change the way of telling the success of their productions

In the middle of the third quarter results announcement, Netflix promised greater transparency when it comes to telling how series and movies are doing. So far, the company led by Reed Hastings She was very reserved with the metrics of the platform and from time to time they shared a number. Usually this was associated with audience records like the one you recently set. The Squid Game.

So far, the way that Netflix He told how the productions in his catalog were doing through unique accounts that had seen a title. For example, these terms put Extraction as the most watched movie, with 99 million users who gave it the green light for a sequel, and in the series the South Korean success broke all the molds with 142 million unique accounts who saw it, out of a total of 214 million users subscribers.

At the time of accounting, the company considered it valid for anyone to reproduce at least two minutes of a series or movie. In this sense, both rewatchs and cases in which a fiction was abandoned before being finished were out of the equation. Now, the productions will be counted from the accumulated hours of reproduction.

This mechanism is the same one used in the consultancy Nielsen and it seems more transparent in terms of the actual scope and how much the audience connects to a series or movie. If you take this model, Bridgerton, with 625 million hours seen, is the one that leads. On the side of the movies, Extraction loses first place and is almost 50 hours behind Birdbox, the most viewed, on a podium where it also appears The Irishman, from Martin Scorsese, with 215 hours.

What fans are saying about Netflix’s change

The promise of greater transparency of metrics is something that, as explained in Deadline, ask both agencies and actors involved in the titles of the company. For those who love statistics, it is a great fact, since it was very difficult to know precisely how the series and movies on the platform were doing. They could only settle for seeing the top 10 trends that appear in each country.

In an article about the successful Things to clean, which is on the way to displace Lady’s Gambit as the most viewed miniseries, readers of Spoiler they thought about this change. The curious thing is that in the survey carried out the vote came out very even to the point that the waters are divided equally: 50% prefer to count it by users and the other half by hours played.

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