Another EU plane lands in Torrejón with 36 Afghans evacuated

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The third plane of the European External Action Service just landed at the Torrejón military base with 36 people evacuated from Afghanistan. This has been reported by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez through a message on a social network.

The plane, flettered by France, has arrived this Saturday in Torrejón de Ardoz after 7:30 p.m. The aircraft has left Dubai in the direction of Paris where those Afghans who have worked for the French country have disembarked. Subsequently, the plane continued to Madrid with personnel from the European foreign service.

«The third plane of the European External Action Service has just landed in Spain, from paris, with 36 people evacuated from Afghanistan. With this flight there are already more than 110 refugees from the European Union that we have welcomed in the hub of the Torrejón military base, ”Sánchez wrote on social networks.

These flights are part of the agreement reached by the Twenty-seven at the proposal of the Spanish Government for Spain to serve as an entry hub for Afghans who worked for the bloc and their families and their subsequent distribution based on quotas for the rest of the countries .

So far, three planes have landed at the Torrejón base within the framework of the evacuation device set up by Spain: two chartered by the central government and another two by European countries. The fourth plane is expected to also land this Saturday at the same base.

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