Ansu Fati restores Barça

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The Barcelona It has the mission of returning under its jurisdiction in sports while the institutional waters are everywhere. This mission, not easy, has as its beacon Ansu Fati, the prodigal son of the fans and the pillar to cling to after the march of Messi. The Spanish international, in his first tenure of the course, showed once again that he is prepared and that his nose and determination remain intact. Ansu was the restorer of Barça before a Valencia capable, but to which the lack of aim and a non-existent penalty from Gayá left without options to score in a Camp Nou in ruins … but with Ansu Fati as an incentive for the illusion.

Sunday’s day at the Santander League it closed with the main course of a decaffeinated weekend. A Barcelona in low hours he received Valencia de Bordalás, a mixture of cement and talent to compete with the greatest. Barça was local and, therefore, favorites, but any distraction is news at the moment in the entity and Laporta’s decision to suspend the Assembly that was held in parallel at the Palau was not a minor one.

The question remains as to whether the president of Barcelona missed a bizarre start to the match, with two real goals in less than 15 minutes. The first, from Valencia, the work of a Gayá that in attack and defense is one of the best full-backs on the planet. His shot from -very- outside the area slipped without Ter Stegen could avoid the silence of the Camp Nou.

However, the sepulchral atmosphere was going to turn into a party thanks to a brushstroke of the most absolute determination of the idol of the culé fans. Ansu Fati, the great novelty of the eleven, debuted ownership and did it in style, with a shot from outside the area behind a wall with Depay that was glued to the stump of the post without Cillessen had tangible options to stop it. Both scorers would face each other soon.

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Controversial penalty

The party happened to be of clear dominion culé, with the Valencia waiting and with options against it. The planned script, but neither one nor the other could take advantage on the scoreboard … until the controversial play of the game. A magnificent triangulation of Barcelona allowed a goal pass for Ansu Fati, who willing to finish his double saw how Gayá miraculously crossed to avoid it. Captain Ché took a risk and at first seemed to win with an outstanding cut, but Gil Manzano noted penalty.

The WHEREAs it was not a theoretically clear move, he decided not to intervene, but from the three repetitions shown in two it is seen that Gayá the ball is carried and in the other it is not clear. The end of all this is that the penalty was maintained and Depay he sent it to the net with an unstoppable shot. Strong, stoned, manual.

With 2-1 came rest and enough time for reflection and protest. Ricardo Arias, taking the spokesperson for Valencia, he was forceful. «The only one who has seen the clear play is the referee. I do not understand that it is not consulted. The movement of the Barça player has been whistled, Gayá clearly touches the ball with his leg ». Hard and clear statements, quite the opposite of the action in question.

Valencia forgives and Coutinho sentences

Back at work, Barcelona threatened with a new goal that would lift the stadium but this time Ansu could not hole the shot. Merit to Cillessen, who pulled out a meritorious hand that kept Valencia in the game and allowed an offensive reaction from his teammates that was not going to take long to happen.

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Warned first Carlos Soler with an unstoppable shot that unfortunately ché collided with the goalpost of Ter Stegen and came out on the side to add to the bad luck of those from Bordalás. Guedes, immediately afterwards, he hooked one of his classic kicks and Ter Stegen stopped him with a foreshortening of futsal. He had forgiven Valencia.

From there and with just forces, both teams had options to extend their advantage on the scoreboard before the arrival of the last minutes, in which the urgency of the Valencia it was already maximum. The visitors were overturned and in one of those, Dest caught a glimpse of Coutinho who, incomprehensibly alone, scored the 3-1 that sentenced the match and gave way to Agüero’s debut, with the match already solved, on a day that ended with a party to the sound of Fati.

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