Anthony Hopkins Opens Up About His Disappointment with Odin’s Role in Marvel

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Anthony Hopkins: A Love-Hate Relationship with Marvel Cinematic Universe

Movie legend Anthony Hopkins, who played the role of Odin, father of Thor, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films, had a special and specific appearance in the early films. Despite being considered a great achievement for many actors, Hopkins did not enjoy his role as Odin in the MCU films and criticized the practices that Marvel imposes on its talents during interviews.

Hopkins admitted that he hated his part and that sitting in front of a green screen, without movement or background, left no point in acting. However, in the book The Story of Marvel Studios, Anthony revealed that Thor director Kenneth Branagh gave him the impetus to continue acting, regardless of whether he became a regular part of the MCU.

Kenneth Branagh invited Hopkins to participate in the trilogy, however, the producer left the project in the hands of Alan Taylor for the direction of the second film, The Dark World; in the third part, Ragnarok, he also did not participate, since the producer was Taika Waititi.

Other legends in the movie industry have also criticized Marvel’s work and popularity. In 2019, filmmaker Martin Scorsese called MCU franchises “theme parks” and movies “not movies.” In contrast, Christian Bale, who was the villain in Thor: Love and Thunder, described the green screen recordings, Marvel’s main recording method, as “monotonous,” similar to what Anthony Hopkins commented.

Anthony Hopkins may have had a love-hate relationship with MCU, but he admitted that working with director Kenneth Branagh gave him the energy to continue acting, regardless of the role he played.

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